Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Economic Downturn Stories Needed

YWCA USA is a member of the Coalition on Human Needs (CHN), which works on funding human needs programs and budget and tax issues, including the federal budget and appropriations process. CHN is one of the organizations leading the Half In Ten: Poverty to Prosperity Campaign with former U.S. Senator John Edwards.

CHN and the YWCA are working together to collect stories from people who can speak first-hand about how the economic downturn impacts service providers and their clients. The goal of this campaign is to put a human face on the rising economic needs.

We are hoping you or someone in your association will be willing to participate in this easy but important effort. Two types of stories are needed: 1) Stories describing the importance of human needs programs and how unmet needs, cutbacks, or proposed cuts impact communities, and 2) stories of the importance of human needs programs and how unmet needs, cut backs, or proposed cuts will harm or have harmed YWCA associations or clients. Examples include stories on cuts to programs, having to limit the clients served, having to layoff staff, rising co-pays, and longer waiting lists. Programs of interest include Medicare, Medicaid, housing assistance, violence against women programs, child care, child support and Head Start.

To give a 10-15 minute “interview” for this project, or to get more information, please email Randi Schmidt, YWCA USA Senior Advocacy Associate.

For more on Half In Ten see the related post from May 2008.


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